This is apparently another common fault caused by a failed capacitor in the PSU. The offender is labelled C12 and it's a 330uF 200V Electrolytic. My own docking station suffered from this problem and the disassembly of the PSU is detailed on this page.

For a disassembly guide of the docking station itself, click here

As usual, the obligatory disclaimer:
Unless you're a dab-hand with a screwdriver, don't attempt any of this. Messing around inside your computer could cause damage and in certain cases can be hazardous to your health. This page is just a guide - you follow these instructions at your own risk. You should be careful handling the internals of a computer and follow antistatic precautions or you may cause damage.

1. Once the PSU has been removed from the docking station you will need to drill out the four rivets that hold it together.

2. With the rivets removed, pull the cover from the PSU. Be careful of sharp edges.

3. Use a Torx screwdriver to undo the three Torx screws on the PCB.

4. Bend the two metal tabs above the fan upwards. Manoeuvre the fan out.

5. Sorry about the focus on this picture! Pull out the plastic gromit which holds the wires to the power connector from its metal holder.

6. Ease out the circuit board. Capacitor C12 is one of the large electrolytics (its contact points have been highlighted here). It's very important that the same type and rating of capacitor is refitted in its place and the correct polarity is observed (the negative leg of an electrolytic capacitor is usually marked).

Refitting is the reversal of the above. Of course, the missing rivets will mean the PSU casing doesn't hold together securely any more but once fitted back into the case this shouldn't matter.

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