Not buying a new telly

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It’s been pretty much three years to the day since I bought my flatscreen LCD Sony Bravia TV and already I’m thinking of replacing it. Or I was.

The Bravia was one of those impulse purchases I don’t normally get suckered for. I happened to be visiting Sainsbury’s for a tube of Anusol, a jar of gherkins and a value pack of toilet tissue, much to the amusement of the cashier despite my verbal assurance these items were unrelated, when I noticed a pile of Sony boxes which were attractively priced in one of those bullshit “when it’s gone, it’s gone” deals....

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Someone else's porn

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There was something of a 'slow Friday' discussion at work today. My colleague, Sukhjeet the contractor, said he once found a black binbag full of mucky mags when clearing out a student house. It triggered some debate on whether or not he should have kept hold of the contents for his own entertainment.

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Where's my ultimate mobile phone?

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I don't want a mobile phone, a netbook or a laptop. These days all I want is a converged device in a micro laptop form factor. I want netbook-like functionality but with instant-on, half decent battery life, voice capability, GPS, multimedia and I want it all fitting in my back pocket. The closest I came to my ideal was my beloved Nokia E90 which served me well between August 2007 and August 2009 but was finally kicked out of bed for three reasons – it was brick-like and unsexy compared to the iPhone everyone else was using, it was starting to behave erratically and, most importantly, my needs had moved on and although the E90 could just about handle Twitter, mobile internet and GPS, it didn't do it half as well as the newer devices coming to market which is why I went for the Nokia N97. However.... Nokia E7-140



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Visiting: Paris

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We’ve been on a few European jaunts over the years but always to Spanish and Greek bucket 'n' spade resorts (with the exception of Italy in 2003) and always with the kids whose entertainment comes first and whose dietary requirements consist of little more than pizza or chips when on the continent. It was with some trepidation therefore when we booked a long weekend in Paris on our own as we would be outside of our usual comfort zone of Mediterranean weather, English-speaking resorts and family orientated restaurants.

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The death of MyBlog

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Regular visitors to this blog(!) will notice a difference in the layout and the removal of the comment section. Why I hear you cry? Well I've used Azrul's MyBlog and JomComment Joomla modules since starting the blog in late 2008 but I'm always twitchy of Joomla plugins as they can be a pain to maintain and reinstall which makes me wary to use it  and goes some way to explain the infrequent posting of new articles.

Sure enough, a recent Joomla update borked MyBlog and despite having bought the modules I found support and updates came at an extra cost so sod Azrul, I'm not getting into their payment cycle. Comments attracted spam anyway so I'm happy to move the content into an in-built Joomla layout which, while less attractive, is more under my control.

While the comment section has gone, anyone wishing to have their say on anything written here can mail me at service at r3uk dot com (correctly formatted of course) and I'll be happy to post their views. Or not.