This may apply to units besides the XDA IIs but it's the IIs that I've been playing with specifically.

The first thing I did when I got this baby was a hard reset (always best to make sure you're working from a clean sheet). By the way, for those of you who want to know, a hard reset is performed by holding down the power button while pushing in the reset switch (hole on base of unit accessible by pushing the stylus tip through it).

After a hard reset you will be prompted for a Personal or Corporate installation. If you choose Personal then all the O2 gubbins will be loaded on. If you just want a normal Windows Mobile 2003SE installation however, choose the Corporate Installation and, when prompted, enter the corporate code as 0506.

I was happy to have the O2 nonsense on mine (it looks prettier). I was bugged by the O2 icon on the upper menu bar however. It obscured titles and got in the way (and I didn't need the functionality it offered). To remove it, browse in File Explorer to My Device/Windows/Startup and delete (or move) the program called 'Connections'. Perform a soft reset by poking the reset button on the underside and there y'go.

If you move the Connections program rather than deleting it then you can run it again at a later date by selecting it in File Explorer (although to close it you will have to soft-reset).

By the way, I thoroughly recommend the ROM update from February 2005. It cleared up my bluetooth bugs and got me working with my Nokia HDW3 headset!

Other curious bugs....
I had another problem with the microphone and speaker not working when I answered calls. This was happening daily and a soft reset was the only answer (annoying). I have found though that if I leave the Bluetooth active instead of trying to conserve power by shutting it off when I wasn't using it, then it behaves properly.

Also, if I scan for a WiFi network and join unsuccessfully (i.e. by entering the wrong key several times), then the WiFi seems to fall over and I can't scan for or join any networks. Instead I get a perpetual 'scanning network' message. The solution to this is either a hard reset (no thanks) or to reconfirm the key of a known network (under Tools / Network Cards in Wireless LAN Manager) and rejoin that network. This seems to flush it out and allows me to happily scan away again.

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