Being able to solve a Rubik's Cube has just been one of those things that I've had for ages on my list of pointless shit to do before I die (I think it's at number 47).

The wife bought me one for my birthday recently so I sat down with it on Saturday and finally figured out how to do the thing...

I say ‘finally' because my sister had a cube when we were kids and despite having a fairly healthy level of disinterest with it, I do recall I would twiddle about with the thing every now and again under the assumption that if I twisted it around enough it would simply all fall into place.

Unlike those nerdy kids who actually enjoy maths and were paraded on Saturday morning TV in the early Eighties solving a jumbled cube in seconds, I suspect that moments after being taken out of its packaging and being scrambled, ours was probably never solved again (aside from the odd side being solved by pure fluke).

Unfortunately, as with my kids today, I found that if I wasn't immediately great at doing something, then it probably wasn't worth persevering. So now that I'm an adult with too much spare time on my hands I thought I'd revisit the cube and learn just enough simple moves to make it possible to solve, although this is certainly not an efficient way to do it and it takes me three to four minutes to complete.

My efforts have been recorded for all time on YouTube and can be sneered at here.

That's David 1 - Grim Reaper 0.