Having dicked around with electronics for some years, I thought I'd start documenting some of my circuitry shenanigans in a section all of it's own from 2011 instead of hiding them under the Hardware category which was originally for computer hardware related projects.

I've neglected electronics as a hobby for quite some time but I intend to get my hand in again. One important point, I have no qualifications in electronics. The circuits I post here illustrate solutions I have come up with to particular problems and I make no claim to their suitability or safety should anyone want to copy them. Some of these schematics may be the result of my using particular components I have available rather than being the most efficient design while others simply may not be the best design because I'm an electronics numptie with no training.

Where possible I try and explain my rationale for any particular method or for my choice of components. Some circuits will likely not  be the most efficiently designed but are built in a particular way as a proof-of-concept.

If in doubt, consult someone cleverer than me. Feel free to make suggestions or leave feedback at service at r3uk dot com!

Circuit diagrams are drawn using British Standard symbols (even though I think the American resistor symbol makes more sense).