Thanks to me old mukker Bob Targett (on target) for pointing out this one.


I'm not sure which models are affected - this article is based on one of the first generation 5GB models.

It seems those EU clowns have been at it again. Scared that we might hurt our poor little ears and that we're too dumb to judge for ourselves on what volume level is comfortable, they've limited the output volume of European iPods.

If you want your iPod to pack more of a punch and you have an OSX computer then here's how to undo their meddling....

Download and install TinkerTool from

Run TinkerTool and set it to display hidden files and folders (you will have to click the Restart Finder button to make the change active).

Plug your iPod into the FireWire port. You will need to mount the iPod on the desktop. It may do this by default, but if not hold down the Control key and click the iPod icon in iTunes. Select iPod Options and click the Enable Disk Use button. This will allow the iPod to be mounted onto the desktop (allowing you to use it as an external disk drive).

Double-click the iPod icon on the desktop to open it. Open the Control Device folder. Inside you will find a file called 'Limit'. Send it to the trash. Unmount the iPod by dragging its icon to the trash or by removing the tick in the Enable Disk Use box (if you just want to use it as an MP3 player).

You should now find a noticeable increase in the maximum volume.

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