I'm not a fan of PalmOS so the Clie UX50 had a short life with me before I punted it off to someone else via an online auction site. I was new to O2 at the time though and had a bit of a game getting the thing to connect via Bluetooth to my phone for GPRS 'net access.

Numerous websites showed different information - O2 themselves had a setup guide on their site but the settings they provided just didn't work. I document what does work here (for my own benefit if nothing else in case I ever have to configure it again).

This setup works for the following conditions:
I'm on a business contract tariff with GPRS enabled;
I'm using a Nokia 6310i phone and a Sony Clie UX50 running Palm OS 5.1
I have an O2 e-mail account and can sign in to the O2 website to view my bill, get mail, etc.
The mobile is configured for GPRS as below:
Gateway address:
Connecting via: GPRS
GPRS Access Point: mobile.02.co.uk
Data Bearer: GPRS
Authentication Type: Normal
Login Type: Automatic
Username: o2wap
Password: <blank>
Now for the PDA setup..... open Prefs then.....

Click New
Give the connection a name
Connect to: PC
Via: Bluetooth (or infrared if that's your game)
Device* <click to discover your bluetooth phone (the phone needs to be set to discoverable)>
The following settings appear under Details:
Speed 57600bps
Flow control: Automatic
*Not applicable if using infrared.

Service: <Give it a name such as o2 GPRS>
UserName: username
Password: password
Connection: <The connection you created above>
The following settings appear under Details:
Connection Type: PPP
Idle Timeout: Never
Query DNS: Unticked
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IP Address: Ticked (automatic)
The following needs to be set up under Script:
Send: ATZ
Send CR:
Send CR:
Send: ATDT*99#
Send CR:

Mail Setup (Options/Accounts in Clie Mail):
Real Name: <Your Name>
E-mail address <Your e-mail reply address (doesn't have to be your o2 mail address)>
The following settings appear under Server:
Incoming POP3 server: mail.o2.co.uk
Outgoing SMTP server: smtp.o2.co.uk
Username: <your username>@o2.co.uk
Password: <your account password>
You don't have to use the o2 mail account - I have an account with Freeserve that I want to keep my eye on so I can add it as a separate account as below:
Incoming POP3 server: pop.freeserve.net
Outgoing SMTP server: smtp.o2.co.uk
Username: <freeserve username>
Password: <freeserve account password>

This allows me to collect mail from the Freeserve mail server while sending it out via the o2 SMTP server.
I also got an IRC client running over the GPRS connection. For Palm IRC go to:
If you have any questions relating to any of this - please don't ask me! This is as much digging as I was prepared to do.

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