I've been juggling PDAs for a year now with my Revo, Series 5mx and Sony Clie UX50. I think I've finally decided the Revo is best for the job (it's what I was using before the Clie and Series 5 and I should really have never changed it).

Okay so it doesn't have a backlight, easy type keyboard, voice recorder or large screen unlike the Series 5mx and it doesn't have colour, bluetooth, WiFi or MP3 playback unlike the Clie. The Revo does however have a nice clear screen, rechargeable batteries, a light weight and the Epoc operating system which can't be beaten.

It's the best Personal Information Manager I've ever owned.

Anyway, when I (finally) got the UX50 working on GPRS with O2 I documented it here. Going back to the Revo meant I had to get that working with the same service using my Nokia 6310i. I document the settings here more for my own benefit (in case I have to set the darn thing up again), but hopefully it will be useful to others too.

The 6310i mobile phone is configured for GPRS as below:
Gateway address:
Connecting via: GPRS
GPRS Access Point: mobile.02.co.uk
Data Bearer: GPRS
Authentication Type: Normal
Login Type: Automatic
Username: o2wap
Password: <blank>
The Revo is set up as follows:

Dialing control panel:
Name: <give it a name>
Connection Type: Mobile

Modem control panel:

Modem Tab:
Name: Infrared Mobile Phone (this profile exists by default or you may chose to create a new one)
Speed: 115200 baud
Connect via: Infrared
Fax Class: Auto
Options Tab:
Loudspeaker in use: Never
Volume: Quiet
Pause Time: 4 seconds

Initialisation Tab:
Init (reset) string: AT&F&K4 (try ATZ if this doesn't work)
Data init string: <leave blank>
Fax init string: <leave blank>

Advanced Tab:
Flow Control: None
Terminal Detect: <untick>
Carrier Detect: <untick>
Modem Type: Mobile (note- if you set this as Fixed Line as I've seen some people suggest, then you won't be able to use this profile to send SMS messages from the e-Mail application).

Internet Control Panel:
Create a new account and give it a name. Under Service tab:
Connection type: Dial Up
Use smart dialing: <untick>
Standard dial up number: *99#

Account Tab:
Manual login: <untick>
Username: o2wap
Password: <leave blank>

Addresses Tab:
Get IP address from server: <ticked>
Get DNS address from server: <ticked>
Note, if you want to set the DNS manually, the addresses are:
Primary: Secondary:

Login Tab:
Use login script: <unticked>

Advanced Tab:
Enable PPP extensions: <ticked>
Allow plain text authentication: <ticked>

Mail Setup (under Tools in the eMail application):
Account Name: <Your Name>
Your Name: <Your Name>
E-mail address <Your e-mail reply address (doesn't have to be your o2 mail address)>

Outgoing Tab:
Outgoing SMTP server: smtp.o2.co.uk

Incoming Tab:
Incoming POP3 server: mail.o2.co.uk
Username: <your username>@o2.co.uk
Password: <your account password>

You don't have to use the o2 mail account - I have an account with Freeserve that I want to keep my eye on so I can add it as a separate account as below:
Incoming POP3 server: pop.freeserve.net
Outgoing SMTP server: smtp.o2.co.uk
Username: <freeserve username>
Password: <freeserve account password>
This allows me to collect mail from the Freeserve mail server while sending it out via the o2 SMTP server.
You will also need to set up your SMS settings in the e-mail application if you want to send text messages from the Revo. Do this under Tools/Account Settings/SMS.

Details Tab:
Mobile Phone: <point this to your current modem defined earlier in the modem control panel (e.g. "Infrared Mobile Phone")>

Advanced Tab:
Character Set: 7-bit
Messages valid for: 1 hour
Edit service centre address: <use this option to get the service centre address from the mobile (ensure infra red is active on the mobile)>

I tried the GPRS/mail settings on the Series 5mx and it caused a Kernel error! Not sure why. Maybe I need to update the iRDA protocol or eMail app on the S5 (I know some updates came out so I'll try them when I get five minutes). When I get to the bottom of it I'll post the results here. The Revo seems to run out of the box with these settings though (mine was configured after a hard reset).

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