Using the SPV M3100 as a 3G/GPRS/EDGE modem.

The Orange SPV M3100 is a powerful Windows Mobile 5 handset that we've been rolling out as Blackberry replacements with Push mail. Another useful feature is that they can be used as data modems so laptop users can jump onto the internet which saves carrying around a separate 3G card (and saves on the expense).

3G is the name of the high speed data network that Orange offers. Typically 3G connectivity can be found in urban areas with connection speeds of 384k. Outside of urban areas 3G access tends to diminish however connectivity may still be possible via the lower speed GPRS and EDGE networks. Connection speeds tend to be about 56k on a GPRS connection. EDGE is effectively an upgraded version of GPRS and runs somewhere in between the GPRS and 3G ranges.

This guide covers connecting the handset to the laptop using the Bluetooth wireless standard and connecting the handset to the Orange data network which may be provided on a 3G, EDGE or GRPS service. It is important to remember that the speed of the Orange connection depends upon the quality of signal and type of network available and there are no guarantees of quality of service or network accessibility when using this equipment. Even in the middle of a large city a data signal may not be accessible when required. There will be black spots, drop-outs, fringe signals, interference or environmental factors that can suppress or affect the signal and connection.

This guide has been written using a HP nc2400 laptop running Windows XP.

Limitations when connected to the data service.

Calls placed to your mobile device will be diverted to voice mail while you are connected to the internet.

Calls can be placed from your mobile without the data connection being severed however data access will not be possible while the call is in progress.

Initial Bluetooth computer configuration.

Firstly, ensure the Wireless chipset is enabled on the computer by switching any wireless RF kill switch to ON. This wireless switch usually activates both the WiFi and Bluetooth chipsets. Also ensure the Bluetooth software is installed and running and is set so that your computer can be discovered by other devices.


On the handset, do the following:

Click Start / Settings / Connections / Bluetooth;
Tick the box to Turn on Bluetooth;
Click the Devices tab;
Click the Add New Device option.

Your computer name should appear in the list in the devices list. Select it and click Next.

You will be prompted for a passcode. Enter any four digit number and click Next. The computer should ask you to click a warning and then enter the passcode. Click the warning and enter the same passcode that was used on the handset. If a further warning appears informing you the handset is accessing a serial connection, follow the prompts to allow this.

Finally, on the handset tick the Dial up Networking box and click Finish.

Once pairing is complete, it will not be necessary to repeat the above steps unless the computer is rebuilt or replaced, the handset is factory reset or replaced or unless one or both of the devices are unpaired.

Establishing a 3G/GPRS/EDGE connection from the computer.

To connect to a mobile data service from the computer, do the following…

On the handset navigate to Start / Programs / Accessories / Internet Sharing;
Set PC connection to Bluetooth PAN;
Set Network Connection to Orange Internet;
Click Connect;
If you receive a warning about making the device visible, click Yes.

The handset will now establish a data connection to the Orange network.

On the laptop, double-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray;
Click Search For Devices in Range;
Double-click your mobile device;
Right-click Network Access Point and select Connect to Network Access Point.

The computer will now connect to the mobile device and, once connection is established, the internet will be available for use.

You can press the power button on the M3100 to switch off the display and save battery power without it terminating the data connection.

To disconnect, right-click the Network Access Point icon and select Disconnect Network Access (this will also terminate your connection between the handset and the Orange network).

You can also manually disconnect from the handset at any time by navigating to
Start / Programs / Accessories / Internet Sharing and selecting Disconnect.

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