Toshiba A100 Screen Replacement

Not a terribly difficult one, just a shame to see something like this get broken after only three months in the field.


Step 1: Remove the five adhesive rubber pads on the screen surround and undo the screws under each pad.



Step 2. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to carefully unclip the front surround from the rear. Start at the upper right and work your way around the screen. Make sure you have some padding behind the laptop as the rear screen casing will fall backwards once all the clips are released.




Step 3. Disconnect the backlight power connector from the cathode inverter board.




Step 4. Peel back the black protective tape and disconnect the signal cable from the LCD panel.




Step 5. Peel off the adhesive cover retaining the signal cable to the rear of the LCD panel.




Step 6. The LCD panel is retained by four screws on each side. Remove these screws and lift out the panel.




Refitting is the revsal of this procedure.

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