Amongst the articles I wrote about my eeePC was my page detailing how I fitted an internal Bluetooth module. I did this because I wanted to access the internet on my eeePC through my Nokia E90 phone without having awkward dongles hanging off my USB ports- and besides, it was a fun project.

I realise however that most eeePC owners don't want to pull their shiny new toys apart and fortunately, thanks to Trust, there is no need to as the teeny-tiny BT-2400p provides Bluetooth functionality to those machines that don't have it, with minimum protrusion from the USB port.


I think it's fair to say that Trust really couldn't have made this any smaller. The above picture shows it against a fifty pence piece and when plugged into a laptop it protrudes by just 9mm. The device is Bluetooth 2.0 compatible for speeds of up to 2.1MBit/s while also compliant with earlier Bluetooth versions. An integral blue LED indicator illuminates to indicate power and flashes when there is Bluetooth activity.

Dongle in laptop

For small machines like the eeePC the BT-2400p is ideal as it fits without being intrusive. Linux installations such as Xandros on the eeePC or Ubuntu (as installed on my Toshiba R200) work with the BT-2400p  although some config files may need to be created/edited as detailed on this page where I got my eeePC working with my E90.

Windows users can use the supplied CD to install the Widcomm Bluetooth drivers/interface which can be a bit cumbersome compared to some Bluetooth managers but does the job.

Despite it's size the transmission range remains the Bluetooth standard ten metres just like it's beefier counterparts. My BT-2400p was able to find my E90 from the other end of my garden just as well as the larger unit I fitted within my eeePC with both losing connectivity after ten metres.

The BT-2400p is available from CPC for £9.99 (inc VAT) at the time of writing which isn't a bad price for a Bluetooth dongle. It's definitely worth the money and the tiny size makes it a welcome add-on to any laptop.

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