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Our interoffice IRC chatting (well, slating of people we know) was getting a bit too fruity for our publicly hosted IRC channel so recently Nigel set up a private channel over an SSL connection. It's nice and secure and allows us to swear with impunity about whoever we want however it wasn't compatible with my non-Linux clients and finally meant the end of use for my (not altogether) trusty PowerBook 5300 that has been running IRCLE for the past five years.

To cut a long story short, I had to fork out about sixteen of my hard earned pound coins on Wireless IRC by so I could pick up the channel chat on my E90. Fortunately, Wireless IRC is ACE and well worth the money.

Wireless IRC also supports Twitter so I thought I'd give that a go tonight. I quite like the idea of being able to broadcast events about my mundane life in real time. It's one of the reasons I built my weatherproof webcam allowing me to check in with what's happening from the point of view of my TV aerial from wherever I am.

Yeah, I know. Nobody's interested!

It's probably one of those novelty things that I'll soon get bored of or that nobody else I know will bother with even if I help sign them up and install it (as happened with Skype), but for now it's flavour of the month.

I'm at:

Adsense hits target

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It's taken exactly two years but my Adsense account finally hit $100 today! I just hope it doesn't take Google the same amount of time to get around to transferring it to my bank account.

It's kinda surprising it makes any money at all what with ads for dodgy diagnostic software that I'd never think of using and questionable AdSense 'intelligence' that places an advert for a Muslim women dating website on a page that blabs on about mobile data connectivity or Spanish car hire on my page about constructing a weatherproof webcam!

Still, I can't complain. A hundred bucks over two years probably isn't going to cover the electricity costs of maintaining this website but it's better than a kick in the nuts.


I can solve a Rubik's Cube!

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Being able to solve a Rubik's Cube has just been one of those things that I've had for ages on my list of pointless shit to do before I die (I think it's at number 47).

The wife bought me one for my birthday recently so I sat down with it on Saturday and finally figured out how to do the thing...

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Watching: Star Fleet

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I never liked Thunderbirds. Nor did I like Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Fireball XL5 or that silly submarine one with the awful theme tune and mute mermaid.

Take Thunderbirds for instance. For fifty minutes a bunch of all-American do-good God-boy virgins would put every effort into stopping the experimental plane crashing or the runaway nuclear reactor from exploding. As a ten year old kid I *want* to see the plane crash and the nuclear reactor explode – spectacularly! In Thunderbirds, the bad guys always lost, the day was always saved and the good guys would always return to their secret island where they'd change into nerd clothes, party soberly to piano music, tell clean jokes and mutually respect one another – the BASTARDS.

It was the same every week, all talk and no action, and it sucked the big one....

Star Fleet

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