Regular visitors to this blog(!) will notice a difference in the layout and the removal of the comment section. Why I hear you cry? Well I've used Azrul's MyBlog and JomComment Joomla modules since starting the blog in late 2008 but I'm always twitchy of Joomla plugins as they can be a pain to maintain and reinstall which makes me wary to use it  and goes some way to explain the infrequent posting of new articles.

Sure enough, a recent Joomla update borked MyBlog and despite having bought the modules I found support and updates came at an extra cost so sod Azrul, I'm not getting into their payment cycle. Comments attracted spam anyway so I'm happy to move the content into an in-built Joomla layout which, while less attractive, is more under my control.

While the comment section has gone, anyone wishing to have their say on anything written here can mail me at service at r3uk dot com (correctly formatted of course) and I'll be happy to post their views. Or not.