Christmas crap

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Whilst stabbing at the buttons on my car stereo to try and find something to listen to on the way in to work this morning I came across Classic FM presented by Jane Jones who is wetter than a fishes piss-hole and playing A Christmas Overture by Nigel Hess. I almost laughed my socks off at this festive mash up - a 'megamix' of every Christmas tune you can think of thrown together into a cacophonous car crash of a tune!

I didn't hear any Slade in there but then I didn't catch the beginning so it is possible I had missed Noddy Holder kicking the thing off by shouting "IT'S CHRRRIIIISSSTTTTMMMMAAAASSSS!"

Almost as funny was the advertisement that followed shortly afterwards proclaiming "winners drive Citroens!"

No.... No they don't.