Nigel dropped his Nokia E90 last October -the clot! Its been sitting on a shelf ever since waiting for the day when it can become a parts donor for when I (inevitably) end up dropping my E90.

What else to do with a busted Series 60 Symbian handset?

Well, how about turning it into a wireless webcam? So long as the camera isn't the busted bit...

SmartCam is an application for Linux or Windows with an associated .sisx installer for the mobile. With both the PC and mobile clients running, the phone can broadcast live pictures from its camera over Bluetooth or WiFi to the PC.

Above: Nigel's Nokia E90 broadcasing via Bluetooth to a laptop running Ubuntu Karmic

It's a rather neat way of doing something useful with an old mobile... although I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use it for...

Could set it up as a secret spycam for some covert surveillance on the wife I s'pose.... although she just spends her evenings slumped in front of the TV.

Shame she isn't having an affair.

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