Don't you just love it when a company backs up its products?

In early 2006 we had a new bathroom installed and it has been something of a disaster. The Italian shower tray (don't ask) arrived weeks late, was chipped and a year after installation the waste pipe broke off and flooded into the room below destroying the ceiling (although every cloud has a silver lining and now something much funkier has replaced the horrible plasterboard). The pop-up waste for the sink and bath never did pop up (do those things ever work?) The dual flush toilet only ever worked when the full flush was pressed and the cistern keeps over flowing. Also, the expensive designer radiator is useless and wouldn't warm up if we poured petrol over the thing and set fire to it.

To cap it all, a few weeks ago something deep within my Roper Rhodes bath tap broke leaving the shower/tap selector stuck on the shower setting.

After some initial choice swear words had been uttered at a moderate volume, I decided to do some Googling to see whether this was going to be a DIY repair or if I'd have to get a plumber to come in and suck air through his teeth before pillaging my cheque book. The Roper Rhodes website boasted a five year warranty so I asked them what I could do via their contact page.

Happily, Victoria, a very helpful (and patient) lady from Roper Rhodes got in contact with me. Instead of simply telling me to contact the reseller and face a nightmare job of removing the tap from the wall to send back, she guided me through finding the right internal part, a diverter axle, in order to get the thing fixed. After the first replacement axle Victoria sent broke in the existing diverter, she then sent a replacement diverter and axle.

I fitted the parts this weekend and my bath tap lives! If that ain't worth cracking open a beer then I don't know what is! Well done to Victoria and Roper Rhodes for proving there are still businesses out there who understand customer service.