You've gotta love retro books. This beauty was £4 on Amazon and dates back to 1971. On its opening page it says [computers] "are fascinating when they are used in rocketry and space research" while "we are inclined to be alarmed by their complex mechanisms" and that "many people think of them as almost human machines with 'brains' that allow them to think".

How cool is that??!

The Computer

I like factual books on retro technology and I'm sure this little fella was an eye opener for many small boys back in the early Seventies. It's also nice to get second hand books with a bit of history to them and this one has an 'Upton Grey C of E School (Hampshire)' stamp inside it. A quick Google shows that school seems to have disappeared in 1986 so I guess they won't be asking for it back.

My favourite illustration has to be this one though:


Small computer

Screw the styling of Apple, don't you just wish computers still looked like that!