Our interoffice IRC chatting (well, slating of people we know) was getting a bit too fruity for our publicly hosted IRC channel so recently Nigel set up a private channel over an SSL connection. It's nice and secure and allows us to swear with impunity about whoever we want however it wasn't compatible with my non-Linux clients and finally meant the end of use for my (not altogether) trusty PowerBook 5300 that has been running IRCLE for the past five years.

To cut a long story short, I had to fork out about sixteen of my hard earned pound coins on Wireless IRC by mobileways.de so I could pick up the channel chat on my E90. Fortunately, Wireless IRC is ACE and well worth the money.

Wireless IRC also supports Twitter so I thought I'd give that a go tonight. I quite like the idea of being able to broadcast events about my mundane life in real time. It's one of the reasons I built my weatherproof webcam allowing me to check in with what's happening from the point of view of my TV aerial from wherever I am.

Yeah, I know. Nobody's interested!

It's probably one of those novelty things that I'll soon get bored of or that nobody else I know will bother with even if I help sign them up and install it (as happened with Skype), but for now it's flavour of the month.

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