Visiting: London

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I can't say I like London much - far too busy, dirty and noisy for a Midlands market-town dweller such as myself. Today however I had to take a trip there with Bolton Dan (bald server man) to look at a network fault in our Cockney branch office...

... so we went down on a fairly swishy Virgin train (not first class of course) although the reserved seats we had paid for were occupied and we weren't man enough to vacate the squatters. We had to slope off and sit in some B-List seats at the arse end of the train which made us wonder why they even bother selling reservations if they're just gonna let the carriage fill up with smelly non-I.T. types before it even reaches our station.

Once you get to London and see the cramped conditions, beaten-up tube stations and traffic chaos you soon realise why the 2012 Olympics will be an embarrassing disaster. Still, today was a quick in-and-out to look at a dodgy network in this rather grand looking building...

Victoria House

I did feel a bit underdressed walking into the posh reception area in my jeans lugging my ancient Adidas rucksack in one hand and a dripping Costa latte in the other. The security guard and receptionist didn't look too happy but eventually we managed to convince them we were I.T. blokes and not thieves or vandals and we were allowed to proceed to the top floor.

Here's a couple of pics showing the view. These were taken at opposite ends of the top floor so it's either East and West or Nooorff an S'aaaaffff (as the local gangster stereotypes would pronounce it)...



Great - if you like concrete and cranes.

We missed lunch but Dan was happy as he was able to blow nine quid in the nearby Krispy Kreme doughnut shop on the way home. He won't be happy when he finds I've put his photo on this website though....

Bolton Dan (bald server man)

Don't worry Dan - I managed to get you from a low angle that makes it look like you still have lots of hair. Oh, and I've put one of those black porn rectangles over your face to protect your identity...

... although he does look strangely familiar with that rectangle..... Dan, was that you in the last edition of Naked Server Operators (Monthly) draped over a HP Proliant DL360...??