'Dapper' may have been the code name for Ubuntu release 6.06 (which is when I started tuning in to the Linux loveliness), but it's also an apt description for my super new nerd-ware purchased recently from the Canonical store.

Guaranteed to make the ladies (and Red-Hat Nigel) excited, read more if you wanna know what's HOT in I.T. fashion for 2009....

Geek chic


And we're straight in with a rather natty khaki green Ubuntu logoised sweatshirt. Those bright orange lights in the background are actually flashing indicating this rack is about to self destruct.


Dateline Monday 17th November 2008, 07:43AM and I'm in my 'Urban' pose with my mean look and even meaner Ubuntu hoodie. In fact, I'm so 'street' here that immediately after this photo was taken I graffitied that skip and kicked the wing mirrors off the wifes car. Pretty gritty huh?


Wow, there sure is a lack of smiling in these pictures and for good reason too as despite the kickass 'Bunty T-Shirt being sported in the snap below, I'm preoccupied with having to figure out why my virtual WSUS server isn't WSUSsing - virtually or otherwise FFS!