Cool like the Fonz

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You know, I always suspected I was ahead of the fashion curve and recently I was proven right. Now, I don't know what this 'bling' stuff is or if it applies to black plastic, but if so, it turns out I have it!

Casio Watch

Back in the Eighties when LCD digital watches were the new big thing, I used to sport some cheap metal bracelet models – until I found I was allergic to the metal. Then the plastic strap Casio models appeared and I wore mine with pride! In the Nineties, digital became unfashionable and was only worn by geeks and, despite being one myself, I stopped wearing watches altogether.

In January 2007 however I got a pang for some retro nerd charm and seeing that Argos were still selling essentially the same Casio watch in a practically unchanged form from twenty years ago, I was once again able to wear one although now in some kind of silly post-modern ironic way (or something).

A few weeks ago, Sanjay the stingy contractor pointed out that MSN had voted my watch here in a top 50 list of cool gadgets because of its retro goodness! Someone at work even complimented me on it – and she was a girl and everything!

As it turns out, even Al-Qaeda are in on the old-skool Casio stylings as according to this article on Wikipedia my model is apparently the bomb timer of choice for the discerning terrorist.

I don't suppose Al-Qaeda get theirs from Argos but hey, 28 Guantanamo detainees surely can't be wrong!