22/11/07 Solar Panel Project - updates page
My seven page renewable energy article now has an eighth page! Not much on it at the time of writing but it will grow over time. The project homepage is here.

24/10/07 Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 laptop LCD screen replacement
Smashed laptop screens are like buses - none appear for ages and then two come along together. It's a good job these Toshibas only take ten minutes to repair then.

20/10/07 Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 laptop
Just one week on from my efforts at getting this laptop working properly in Ubuntu Feisty, I wipe it down and install the newly released Ubuntu Gutsy. There are some slightly different hoops to jump through, but getting 3D graphics out of Gutsy on this laptop is possible and all is revealed here .

14/10/07 Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 laptop
A monster of a machine with 1600x1200 resolution - if you can work out how to squeeze it out of the GeForce4 420 Go chipset. It's been a long hard slog, but the answers are all here .

07/10/07 The solar panel renewable energy project
A seven page article on my small scale home solar power installation which takes several of my gadgets off the grid - but fun though it was, I won't be laughing all the way to the bank anytime soon...

04/10/07 Amiga parallel port joystick adaptor
You just can't play Dyna Blaster on an A600 without one. Here are the pin-outs.

30/08/07 The Nokia Communicator E90 has landed
Finally a PDA worthy of being called a Psion successor. I never want to see a Windows Mobile PDA again! My full review is the first article in the new Reviews section.

30/08/07 The wife has pranged her car
... and I posted the picture here as revenge for her laughing when I filled my diesel Golf with unleaded petrol last month....

14/08/07 Constructing a 10000 Volt Jacobs Ladder
It's always dangerous for me to be bored on a Sunday and sure enough when I had nothing better to do last Sunday I bolted together a 10kV Jacobs Ladder. And why not...

08/08/07 HP nc6220 LCD screen and surround replacement
Another broken LCD screen. For variety HP have sent me both the LCD panel *and* the surround this time which makes it just a little bit more exciting than the nc2400 screen replacement I did.

07/08/07 Repairing the GRUB boot loader
My Vaio is back in one piece - but a damaged MBR is keeping it stuck in a boot-loop. Fortunately I have a fix right here.

06/08/07 Sony Vaio VGN-TX2XP disassembly
Oh for frips sake, my Vaio's dead again.

25/07/07 Playing an eight-year old computer game

There's nothing quite like shooting your fellow man in the face....Virtually of course.... I mean, I'm not trying to turn Leamington Spa into Afghanistan or anything. No, I've been playing a bit of Unreal Tournament in my spare time - and I've set up a tech tip on how to install and configure a dedicated UT server in Ubuntu. It's a great way to put a 233MHz Pentium II back into good use!

22/06/07 Fujitsu Siemens S7010 disassembly
How to pull apart an S7010 - and which bits to resolder if you have intermittant power problems! Exciting stuff that's available here.

14/06/07 HP Compaq nc2400 laptop LCD screen replacement
It seems the owner of this fella put his power supply through the screen while it was in his rucksack. A pricey but simple repair detailed here.

12/06/07 Playing with the Orange SPV M3100
A rather funky Blackberry alternative with improvements over last years QTek 9100 such as micro SD card slot, scroll wheel, 3G connectivity, 2MP camera with macro mode and a 400MHz CPU. Not bad, but it's still too small and fiddly for me so I'll stick with my V1640 bad-boy. Still, I've been playing with the M3100 as a 3G modem as I'm fed up with the people I support asking for expensive 3G cards. Microsoft and Orange have made some changes with connectivity in the ROM of this fella but once you know how things are named and where to find them it's nice and easy. Have a look here for more.

07/06/07 Back from holiday
After a week in Mallorca I have returned to find Nigel has completely changed our website back-end and tightened up the site security. Between that and a fault with our domain name provider the website has been a little flakey of late but now it should be more stable (and the tech tips are fixed so some updates will be uploaded soon).

21/05/07 Cracked by 5crip7 k1dd135 !
Ho ho - some dorklets managed to change a file on our aging Mambo back-end last night. We've been meaning to update for a while (in fact, we can't upload any new tech-tips at the moment because of a problem with the Mambo interface that we've been meaning to fix). Still, being knocked off the air by a couple of spotty nerd-virgins gave us a giggle this morning!

29/04/07 Playing with Vista
I first took a look at the new MS OS a while ago but it's only in the last few days I've had time to sit down and play with it. I've opened a new Tech Tip covering some of the bits and bobs that I came across as I started using it.

01/03/07 Website revamp!
A new site template and some spiffing graphics should lift the boredom for a while.

05/02/07 Using a Huawei E220 USB 3G modem in Ubuntu Edgy
It works in XP, it works in OSX - hell, it even works in Edgy! The new USB mobile data device from Huawei is jolly useful for those without PCMCIA slots. It's a shame it stopped working under Feisty though.

12/01/07 Apple Mac Mini disassembly
Only two weeks old and being pulled apart by me.