30/12/08 Apple MacBook Pro (Intel Dual Core) Disassembly
Modern optical drives are low cost, mass produced beasts that have been standard fare on most laptops since the Millennium. So why do Apple have to make 'em
so darn complicated??

14/12/08 Disassembly and repair of a Delonghi EC710 espresso coffee maker
Noooooooo!!!!! My coffee maker has broken!
Emergency repair required... must... have... caffeine......

24/11/08 Setting up a DLNA Linux media server for the PlayStation 3
Allowing me to zap all kinds of crap from my laptop to my TV
via my PS3.

13/11/08 I have a blog!
Not that I have anything of interest to write in it. Having an outlet for one's thoughts should stave off the urge to 'go postal' however. Take a look and leave a comment!

21/10/08 Motorola E550 Mobile phone disassembly and repair
By todays standards it's not terribly clever, looks out of date, is tatty around the edges and doesn't have the stamina it once did - but the wife likes it. Enough about me though, as this article is about
how I fixed her faulty old mobile phone.

05/10/08 Making a digital picture frame - updated 16/11/08 with Bluetooth support
All you need is Linux, a knackered laptop, a wooden frame and a cardboard beer carton for this
Cool Project.

26/09/08 Durabrand PSTB1 Digibox repair and Top Ten computer buying tips
I've had nothing to write about lately but fortunately my Digibox came to the rescue last weekend by blowing up! The
disassembly and repair guide is the latest article along with my list of top ten tips to follow when buying a new computer.

07/08/08 Reviews on the iGo Juice PSU & the Trust BT-2400p dongle
Two new articles for the somewhat barren reviews section, one about a product with '
Juice' in it's name, another about a tiny Bluetooth 'dongle'.

02/08/08 The electromechanical USB bus reset circuit
Electromechanical huh? Sounds interesting.... but doubtless won't be. As if *five* articles about my
webcam weren't enough, I've now added a sixth detailing how I built a circuit to give it a kick up the arse every couple of hours so it doesn't freeze up.

26/07/08 Repairing a LED energy saving light bulb
If I just change each component when it fails, I'll have a light bulb that lasts

23/07/08 Meet the drunken webmaster
I always wanted to be master of something - preferably without the 'bates' suffix attached. One day though, when my plans come to fruition, you will ALL call
me master...

21/07/08 The Webcam Cool Project
Flimmin' heck! Who would have thought the humble webcam could be such hard work? Five articles (count 'em!!) justifies it having a
Cool Project status all of its own - and all because I had the pie-eyed idea that I could build a weatherproof webcam and stick it on my TV aerial!

13/07/08 The aquarium bubble light
Yes, I have now introduced
electricity to the watery depths of my aquarium. What could possibly go wrong??

10/06/08 XBox 360 Disassembly and (bodged) repair guide
Red Ring Of Death?? What do I care - I own a PS3! Still, the broken one I'm playing with isn't mine so lets get the hammer out and
see what we can fix!

18/05/08 The Evil Eye webcam
A tech tip explaining
how I installed a webcam using camE on my Linux based Joomla powered website. Wanna see what my camera's looking at?? Relax, I haven't pointed it at anything naked (yet).

12/05/08 iPod Mini disassembly and battery replacement
A duff iPod Mini battery has kept me separated from my choonz for a few days - but no longer!

27/04/08 Will my alarm clock wake me up in the morning?
It's now been converted to run off my solar power installation so
time will tell...

06/04/08 Snow... in April..??
That great British weather strikes again. Still, at least it's not another article on the eeePC.

03/04/08 Installing Conky in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy
That title has to take the cake for being one of the most
nonsensical on this site.

30/03/08 ASUS eeePC Vodafone 3G access via a Nokia E90 and Bluetooth

It took a bit of fiddling, but now I can use my eeePC on the move thanks to my trusty Nokia E90 and internal Bluetooth mod.

13/03/08 ASUS eeePC eeeDora WiFi fix
eeePC + Fedora = eeeDora! A nice little linux distro that's worth a look. Unfortunately on my version an update breaks the wireless functionality - but I have a fix and further info

02/03/08 ASUS eeePC Bluetooth and internal USB mods
This gadget sure is sucking up my time lately (much to my wife's annoyance). I tried explaining to her the benefits of
integral Bluetooth and and an extra USB port but she was throwing plates at me at the time...

26/02/08 ASUS eeePC Review & tips and tricks
Daughter number one was off school sick today which meant I had to take the day off work to babysit. I ignored her for the most part though and spent my time writing a review on the ASUS eeePC and knocking up a tips and tricks page. Now that's parenting!

19/02/08 ASUS eeePC disassembly
Ahhh.... it's sooooo cute! What kind of a monster would want to
pull it apart just for kicks???

16/02/08 Website rebuild!
There must be something about February as it was this time last year I last gave this website a spruce up. Well, here we are again, some dead content removed and a new template - but also a complete new server build, new Joomla install, and even a new MySQL database. Yes, this website has been completely rebuilt from the ground up! Now if only there was something worth reading on the friggin' thing...

15/01/08 My new external hard disk

The first project of the year is to replace my knackered USB hard drive using scrap and spare parts in order to save my employer about fifty quid. Think they'll notice??