06/12/12 The joule thief flasher!
Adding a bit of extra bling to the thing.

The two channel video switcher - updated!
Hold on to your trousers folks 'cause I've updated last years video multiplexer circuit..... by adding a switch!

14/05/12 Playstation3 disassembly

It's official: My Playstation3 is dead and I won't be buying a new one. My evening entertainment is reduced to a Wii, a Kindle and jacking-off.

30/03/12 Automated browser of fish webcam sexiness
Even when I'm on the other side of the world in a time zone eight hours behind the UK, I know that come Monday morning the contents of my aquarium will be displayed on a monitor in an office 14km from my fish tank. And there's not a damn thing my workmates can do about it. Unless they unplug it.

16/03/12 Optimising scanned PDF's for the Kindle
When things that should just work just don't.

10/03/12 The aquarium webcam
Who says webcams are just for naked desperate middle aged men to play chatroulette with? I also use mine as a camping accessory.

11/02/12 The rotating mirror light effect
Ticks both the daft *and* pointless boxes but it just had to be done.