21/11/11 The aquarium moonlight
It's a 200ml plastic pot filled with virtual moonbeams. Or something.

11/11/11 Qualcast Quadtrack 30 lawnmower motor/belt/knife replacement
When I told my wife to tidy up her front lawn, I didn't expect her to go out and get a brazilian! Yip yip! Seriously though folks, lawnmower repair is no laughing matter as this entirely humourless disassembly and repair guide proves.

16/10/11 Dell PowerConnect 2216 power supply failure
When power fluctuations fry your PowerConnect switch, turn to ancient wisdom for the answer.

09/10/11 Honeywell ST699 24-hour heating/hot water timer, memory battery replacement
As sexy as it sounds.

11/09/11 The two channel video switcher
As it's probably not legal to throw a bucket of cold piss over the canvassers that appear on my doorstep from time to time, the next best thing is to ignore 'em and keep my arsecheeks firmly planted on my comfy sofa. I've installed two CCTV cameras in order to determine if the person rapping at my woodwork is friend or foe, however that creates the issue of how to squeeze both video signals down the same wire and into a single input on my TV...

30/06/11 Playstation 3 hard drive upgrade
When hordes of zombie undead can no longer be squeezed into a 40GB body bag.

16/06/11 Bosch Uneo disassembly and motor replacement
David's drill/driver dodges death decree despite dishonourable discharge during DIY duties!

28/04/11 The Joule Thief!
Ever wondered how your garden solar light just about manages to stay illuminated all night? Of course you haven't. Luckily for you, I have a surprising answer right here involving a dead CFL bulb, a dollop of magnetic flux and spoonful of induction!

24/04/11 The aquarium temperature monitor
Okay, hands up all those who want to see a 5000 word essay on the circuit I designed to monitor the temperature in my fish tank! Anyone...??