29/12/10 Playstation2 disassembly
I can't believe I've had the thing for ten years without pulling it apart before now.

13/07/10 The Palm Pre headphone jack repair
Oh my *GIDDY* aunt, the earpiece speaker of my Palm Pre has jolly well packed in. Well I tell you now, I'm not spending *my* evening getting the screwdrivers out on it, I'm sending the little frigger straight back to O2 and....  aw sod it,
who am I trying to kid??

28/02/10 The in-car USB charger
Instead of getting out more, meeting people and having sex, I've installed a USB socket into my

22/02/10 The Palm Pre (first generation) review
Those high-fivin' Porsche drivin' Sales people at O2 have sent me a Palm Pre to play with. As someone who wasn't impressed with the iPhone, will the Pre be good enough to make me think twice about N97 ownership?
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