04/12/09 Nintendo DS Lite disassembly and touch screen overlay replacement
Yes I know it's Friday night but if I don't get
this fixed I can't kick daughter 1's arse at Mario Kart this weekend!

26/10/09 My ace new aquarium!
Hang on - this isn't a computer or a botched electronics project! Instead it's an ongoing article wibbling on about a frikkin' fish tank!
What gives??

02/09/09 Nokia N97 review
My ever faithful Nokia E90 has gone the same way as the kids' goldfish. They both died and neither flushed down the toilet on the first attempt. Never mind, Nokia have sprung to my rescue with the touch sensitive N97 -
so let's get hands on!

21/07/09 The webcam project - one year on
Fishin' 'eck! Can you believe it's been a whole year since I built my weatherproof webcam! Where does the time go? Has it survived a full year of British rain and did it see anything interesting? I'll save you clicking
this link - the answers are yes.... and no.

23/06/09 The Baby Biorb moonlight
My new coldwater fish tank *MUST* be
illuminated at night.

15/05/09 HP Compaq nc2400 complete disassembly
Gadzooks! What is that awful smell??   Oh... it's the HP nc2400, a stinker of a subnotebook with more faults than the US West Coast seismic zone. If you're unfortunate enough to have sunk your own money into one of these lemons then
this disassembly guide may be of use when you find you have to fix it.

21/04/09 The motion sensitive light
It's motion sensitive... and a light.

02/04/09 Automating picture upload to Twitter
First comes the question: How can I automate a daily snap from my
webcam to Twitter? Sadly, the follow up question asking "...but why would I want to?" didn't arrive until after I had sussed out a way to do it.

16/03/09 The build it yourself firewall/router
I took an eight year old computer, threw two network cards, a CF card, a DSL modem and a strobe light at it and made myself a shiny (and slightly daft looking)
Linux firewall/router for just a few quid.

15/02/09 Logitech DiNovo Mini keyboard and Bosch Uneo reviews
Tsch!  You wait over six weeks for this website to be updated and then two articles come along together! Nothing has blown up recently so I have no repairs to write about and even Linux isn't playing fair as my new 3G modem which I expected to have a fight with just worked out of the flimmin' box! Where's the fun in that?? Here then is something new (if not exciting), with a review on the
Logitech DiNovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard and another on the Bosch Uneo battery drill.